Removing Old Vehicles From Your Property Before Hurricane Season

If you live in Tampa Bay, then you know hurricane season is just weeks away.

In terms of quantity, researchers with the Department of Atmospheric Science at Colorado State University predict that the 2024 Atlantic hurricane season will be far above average with 23 named storms, 115 named storm days, and 11 hurricanes. Source:
Hurricane Preparedness & Your Old Vehicles

Floridian’s are tough and we have a tendency to take lightly the possibility of a storm hitting our area. Given that, we know that our neighbors to the South and North of us haven’t always faired well. If you don’t have one, here is access to the hurricane preparedness guide. This offers comprehensive information about prepping for a hurricane as well as other information.

Be Safe – Get Cash for Unwanted Vehicles, Boats in Pinellas

If you like many, have old or unwanted vehicles, boats or even trailers that you no longer use taking up space on your property, you may want to consider removing them now. Waiting until a storm hits may result in damage to the vehicle, which may not be concerning if your vehicle is already dead or unwanted. But remember, a vehicle caught up in a hurricane can cause damage to your home, your neighbor’s home or property and depending on the circumstances, it’s pretty horrible for the environment. This can be so even in a typical bad Florida thunderstorm, but much worse in a hurricane. Remember, Hurricane Ian? It’s estimated that 358,000 cars alone were damaged by this storm

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Sell Your Unwanted Boats for Cash in Pinellas County

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We’ve all seen the images of watercraft after a storm hits. Boats are similar to the vehicles we hold on to and keeping an old or unwanted boat that may cause property or environmental damage during a storm can be avoided. Sell your old or unwanted boats in St Petersburg/Clearwater in Pinellas County and get prepared. Whether you need to removal an old boat on your property, in storage or a boat slip, reach out to us for boat removal services in St Petersburg & Pinellas County, FL before Hurricane season.

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Old Campers & Trailers – Get Cash on the Spot Before the Storms

At Cash for Junk Cars St Petersburg FL, we buy a variety of vehicles and watercraft, including recreational vehicles, campers and trailers. Floridian’s often leave their unwanted campers and trailers to “decompose” on their property, in their garages and driveways. This is just a fact. If you’ve been holding on to old vehicles, boats or recreational vehicles for too long, now is a great time to call us for vehicle removal services in Pinellas County.

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