Can You Junk a Boat in St. Petersburg, Florida?

The answer is yes and no. Many St. Petersburg, Florida junk car buyers do not accept old or unwanted boats. Cash for Junk Cars St. Petersburg Florida is a junk car buyer that will pay cash for junk boats in St. Pete and surrounding Pinellas County, Florida.

We know that being stuck with an old or unwanted boat can be just as frustrating as being stuck with an old car and therefore, we will pay you cash when you want to junk a boat in St. Petersburg, Florida. Additionally, we offer free towing when you accept our cash offer. There are many reasons why you may want to scrap your boat in St Petersburg or Pinellas County, Florida. Here are just a few reasons why others have junked their boats with Cash for Junk Cars St Petersburg FL:

  • Wrecked or rusted boats – Old boats that are in disrepair, have rust or have been wrecked or damaged usually cannot be sold in a traditional manner. But try to find a St. Petersburg Florida boat removal service that won’t cost you a fortune! We make it easy to junk a wrecked or old boat and pay you cash with free boat towing.
  • New boat – You know the old saying about the two happiest days of a boat owner! Living on the Gulf Coast in Pinellas County, Florida however, is a boater’s paradise! If you need to make room for a new boat and just don’t know what to do with the old one, we make it simple to get cash for junk boats in St Petersburg, FL
  • YOU NEED CASH  – Sometimes you just need a little cash in your pocket. When this is the case, junking a boat can be an option. If you have an old boat, it is a great source for quick cash. You may not  actually NEED the cash, but you may wonder why you wouldn’t get some extra cash if you have a boat you are no longer using. The bottom line is that we pay cash for junk boats, on the spot when you need it.

    Does My Junk Boat Have to Be Located in St. Petersburg, FL?

    No! Cash for Junk Cars St Petersburg Florida  will pay cash for boats in “The Burg” and surrounding areas such as in South St. Petersburg, Florida Gulfport, Tierra Verde, John’s Pass, Seminole, Pinellas Park and even down to Sarasota, Florida and throughout Tampa Bay.   View our junk car and boat buying service areas or simply contact us if you have any questions.

Top Rated St.Petersburg / Tampa Bay Junk Boat and Car Buyer

We don’t want to toot our own horn, because our clients toot it for us! Our top ratings make us happy, because it shows we make our customers happy! Happy with cash in your pocket is what we aim for. Whether you have an old junk boat to scrap in Tampa Bay or you want to junk a car or scrap an old RV, we promise to earn every star you want to give us!

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“I Want to Junk My Boat in Pinellas County, Florida Today”

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Hello CASH , Goodbye Old Boat!

We make it simple to junk a boat. If you are ready to junk your boat now, or if you want a quote or more information about how to junk a boat in St. Petersburg Florida or other area in Pinellas County, Florida here’s all you have to do:

  • TEXT A PHOTO OF YOUR JUNK BOAT TO : 727-900-1806

  • Wait to get an offer for your junk boat
  • Accept our cash offer and we will come and remove your old boat for free!

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